Enhanced Page Selector for ProcessWire Page Fields

Setting Up Visual Page Selector

Getting ready for a robust page field

  1. Setting Up Introduction
  2. Some must reads before you get started.
  3. Modal Link Label
  4. Customising the link to modal for adding selectable pages to page field.
  5. Saved Pages View
  6. Specifying how to display pages saved in your page field.
  7. Allow Users To Edit Selected Pages
  8. Tweak it! How to allow users to edit pages in the inputfield.
  9. Page Selector View
  10. Set up how to display selectable pages in your page field.
  11. Allow Users to Edit Selectable Pages
  12. Editing selectable pages in the modal.
  13. Allow Users To Delete Images
  14. How to allow users to delete images linked to selectable pages in modal thumbs view.
  15. Allow Users To Delete Pages
  16. Trashing rights! Allow users to delete selectable pages in modal thumbs view.
  17. Close Modal on Add Page
  18. Touch and go! Auto-close modal when pages added to field.
  19. Initial Selector
  20. Can't change me! Specifying a binding but optional initial selector to find selectable pages for your page field.
  21. Default Selector
  22. An optional non-binding selector to get you started.
  23. Disable Columns
  24. Keep it tight! View only (no edit) set columns in Lister.
  25. Default Columns
  26. By default, show specified columns.
  27. Limit Selectable Fields/Columns
  28. No other columns please! Limiting selectable fields in selectable pages Lister.
  29. Disallow Columns
  30. Don't show! Hiding columns from Lister.
  31. Default Sort
  32. Up or down, default sort for results of selectable pages.
  33. Allow Bookmarks
  34. Bookmarks to quickly resume where we were.
  35. Image Fields
  36. Specifying the image fields for thumbnails for selectable pages.
  37. Description and Tags
  38. Choose whether to show image description and/or tags.
  39. Custom Columns
  40. Making it more robust. Show custom columns of pages selected in inputfield.