Enhanced Page Selector for ProcessWire Page Fields

Allow Users To Delete Images

This is a setting under VPS: Modal Settings. Use the setting to allow users to be able to delete images when in a Modal Thumbs view. An image must be linked to a selectable page as stipulated in the setting Image Fields. The options in this setting are Yes and No.

Please note that Visual Page Selector allows for a custom permission to be set up to achieve something similar. This is the permission 'vps-delete-images' which is discussed in this topic. So when should you use one over the other? As a general rule, if you want all users, regardless of permissions, to be able to delete linked images when in Modal Thumbs view, set this field setting to Yes. In contrast, if you want only certain users to be able to delete linked images, set the setting here to Yes and further control ability to delete images using a 'vps-delete-images' permission.