Enhanced Page Selector for ProcessWire Page Fields

Output to the Frontend

Visual Page Selector is an page inputfield for normal ProcessWire Page Fieldtypes. Hence, it has no API of its own. To output the content of your page fields, use the normal ProcessWire approach. If it is a multiple page field, iterate through it since it will be a PageArray. Each item in that PageArray will be a Page object.


Assuming you created a multiple page field called gallery, you can loop through it for a given page as shown below.


$items = $page->gallery;// returns a PageArray. Needs to be looped through
foreach ($items as $item) {
    echo $item->title;
    // output images in a single-item image field called 'image' in these pages
    $img = $item->image
    echo "<img src='" . $img->size(100,75)->url . "'><br>";